The jaret utils are a collection of helper classes for the jaret project. These are needed by all other jaret components. The utils are subject to frequent changes since they collect everything factored out of the other jaret parts. There are simple widgets within the util package. See screenshots here.

The utilities include:

  • several date and time utilities including a holiday enumerator to enumerate the holidays for a specific locale. The realisation of the enumerator is not yet completed ... more countries to come.
  • a simple SWT console widget
  • two simple list composer widgets (classic and csv)


The package is licensed under the Common Public License 1.0 (CPL 1.0) (see LICENSE) allowing the usage in other free projects and usage in commercial projects as long as the license is obeyed. Optional you can use the package under the GPL. If you are interested in a commercial license contact

Download / javadoc

There are several different packages available for download: Contains ready built jar. Contains the complete project.