Interface TimeBarRowSorter

All Superinterfaces:
java.util.Comparator<TimeBarRow>, de.jaret.util.misc.PropertyObservable,
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface TimeBarRowSorter
extends java.util.Comparator<TimeBarRow>, de.jaret.util.misc.PropertyObservable,

Comparator for comparing rows. The interface acts as a tag interface, ensuring the comparator used for sorting the rows was specially designed for this purpose. It is an extension of PropertyObservable allowing the time bar viewer to react with a refresh on property changes.

$Id: 800 2008-12-27 22:27:33Z kliem $
Peter Kliem

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface java.util.Comparator
compare, equals
Methods inherited from interface de.jaret.util.misc.PropertyObservable
addPropertyChangeListener, removePropertyChangeListener

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