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Packages that use TBRect
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars This package contains a suite of classes and interfaces to define and display a model of intervals over a discrete set of rows. 
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.model This package contains the model classes for the TimeBarViewer (in both versions: swing and swt). 
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing This package contains the swing version of the TimeBarViewer. 
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt This package contains the SWT version of the TimeBarViewer. 

Uses of TBRect in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars

Fields in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars declared as TBRect
protected  TBRect TimeBarViewerDelegate._lastRegionSelection
          region selection data: last selection.
protected  TBRect TimeBarViewerDelegate._regionSelection
          region selection data: current selection.

Methods in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars that return TBRect
 TBRect TimeBarViewerInterface.getRegionRect()
          Retrieve the selected region.
 TBRect TimeBarViewerDelegate.getRegionRect()
          Retrieve the selected region.

Methods in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars with parameters of type TBRect
 java.awt.Rectangle TimeBarViewerDelegate.calcRect(TBRect tbrect)
          Calculate the rectangle for screen representation for a tbrect (time and rows).

Uses of TBRect in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.model

Methods in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.model with parameters of type TBRect
 void ISelectionRectListener.regionRectChanged(TimeBarViewerDelegate delegate, TBRect tbrect)
          Invoked whenever the region select rectangle changes.

Uses of TBRect in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing

Methods in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing that return TBRect
 TBRect TimeBarViewer.getRegionRect()
          Retrieve the selected region.

Uses of TBRect in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt

Methods in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt that return TBRect
 TBRect TimeBarViewer.getRegionRect()
          Retrieve the selected region.

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