Package de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.model

This package contains the model classes for the TimeBarViewer (in both versions: swing and swt).


Interface Summary
FocussedIntervalListener Interface for listening on the change of the focussed interval in a timebar viewer.
HierarchicalTimeBarModel Interface describing a hierarchical model.
HierarchicalViewState Interface describing the viewstate of a hierarchical time bar model (expanded/not expanded).
HierarchicalViewStateListener Listener for listening on changes of the view satte of TimeBarNodes.
IIdentifiableTimeBarNode Extenison of the tImeBarNode interface supplying an additional id.
IIntervalRelation Relation between intervals.
IRelationalInterval Interval carrying a list of relations.
IRowHeightStrategy Interface describing a strategy for calculating the height/width of a row.
ISelectionRectListener Interface allowing listening to the selection rectangle in a time bar viewer.
ITimeBarChangeListener Listener interface for listeners that will be notified on changes a user makes interactively using the timebar viewer.
ITimeBarViewState A standard viewstate for the timebar viewer.
ITimeBarViewStateListener Listener that is informed when the viewstate of the timebar viewer changes.
TimeBarModel Model for a number of rows containing intervals.
TimeBarModelListener Interface for listening to changes in the data of a TimeBarModel.
TimeBarNode Interface describing a time bar row in a hierarchy of rows.
TimeBarNodeListener Listener to listen for changes on TimeBarNodes.
TimeBarRow Model for a single row of intervals.
TimeBarRowHeader Interface describing a row header.
TimeBarRowListener Interface for listening to changes on the data of a TimeBarRow.
TimeBarSelectionListener Listener for registering selection changes on a TimeBarSelectionModel.
TimeBarSelectionModel Selection model for the TimeBarModel.

Class Summary
AbstractTimeBarModel An abstract implementation of the TimeBarModel interface.
AbstractTimeBarNode Abstract base implementation for a timebar node.
AbstractTimeBarRowModel An abstract base implementation of the TimeBarRow interface.
AddingTimeBarNode An implementation of a TimeBarNode that adds up all children.
AddingTimeBarRowModel Timebar row model that adds up (merges) all intervals added.
DefaultHierarchicalTimeBarModel Default implementation of t a HIerarchicalTimeBarModel.
DefaultRowHeader A very simple object with a bound property that can be used as a RowHeader in the TimeBarRow.
DefaultTimeBarModel A default implementation of the TimeBarModel interface.
DefaultTimeBarNode A default implementation of a TimeBarNode.
DefaultTimeBarRowModel A base implementation of the TimeBarRow interface as an extension of the abstract implementation AbstractTimeBarRowModel.
DefaultTimeBarViewState The default implementation of a ITimeBarViewState.
HierarchicalViewStateImpl Default implementation of a HIerarchicalViewState based on a map, not supporting paths to nodes.
IntervalRelation Implementation of the IIntervalRelation.
PPSInterval Special interval for holding a pps value in the xScalePPSInterval row.
RelationalInterval Simple implementation of the relational interval based on the standard interval.
StdHierarchicalTimeBarModel An implementation of of a "normal" TimeBarModel based on a hierarchical model and a viewstate.
TBRect Simple struct holding the information about a region in the time bar viewer.
TimeBarChangeAdapter Empty stub for an ITimeBarChangeListener.
TimeBarSelectionModelImpl Implementation of TimeBarSelectionModel: straight forward.

Enum Summary
IIntervalRelation.Direction Direction of the relation.
IIntervalRelation.Type Relation type denoting if the relation should refer to the end or begin of the interval.

Package de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.model Description

This package contains the model classes for the TimeBarViewer (in both versions: swing and swt). The basic data object used is the A TimeBarRow holds a series of intervals. The TimeBarModel combines a set of rows.

Selections in a TimeBarModel are managed by the TimeBarSelectionModel.

There are listener interfaces for the main model classes used for the cummunication between the models and the selection.

(c) 2004 Peter Kliem

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