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public interface TimeBarGapRenderer

Interface for supplying a JComponent for rendering the gaps between two intervals. The supplied JComponent should be reused and only be set up for rendering a single gap. Setup is done by the TimeBarViewer. Since in some situations the gap betwwen two intervals is very small (or non-existent) it is possible to enforce a minimum width for the clipping rect and size for the gap rendering component.

$Id: 800 2008-12-27 22:27:33Z kliem $
Peter Kliem

Method Summary
 int getMinimumWidth()
          By returning a non negative value a minimum width will be given to the renderer.
 javax.swing.JComponent getTimeBarGapRendererComponent(TimeBarViewer tbv, TimeBarRow row, interval1, interval2)

Method Detail


javax.swing.JComponent getTimeBarGapRendererComponent(TimeBarViewer tbv,
                                                      TimeBarRow row,
tbv - the calling TimeBarViewer
row - the row the intervals are in
interval1 - left interval (may be null if the gap is the starting "gap")
interval2 - right interval (may be null if it is the ending "gap")
a configured JComponent for rendering


int getMinimumWidth()
By returning a non negative value a minimum width will be given to the renderer. The size and clipping rect will be centered around the middle of the gap between the two intervals.

minimum width for the rendering component. A negative value indicates no need for a fixed minimum width

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