Uses of Interface

Packages that use ITitleRenderer
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing This package contains the swing version of the TimeBarViewer. 
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing.renderer This package contains interface and default implementations of different renderers for the swing version of the TimeBarViewer. 

Uses of ITitleRenderer in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing

Fields in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing declared as ITitleRenderer
protected  ITitleRenderer TimeBarViewer._titleRenderer
          Renderer used to render the title area. null indicates no renderer.

Methods in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing that return ITitleRenderer
 ITitleRenderer TimeBarViewer.getTitleRenderer()
          Retrieve the renderer that is currently used to render the title area.

Methods in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing with parameters of type ITitleRenderer
 void TimeBarViewer.setTitleRenderer(ITitleRenderer titleRenderer)
          Set the title renderer.

Uses of ITitleRenderer in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing.renderer

Classes in de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing.renderer that implement ITitleRenderer
 class DefaultTitleRenderer
          A default title renderer rendering the name of the viewer as large as possible.

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