Class AbstractTimeBarRenderer

  extended by de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.renderer.RendererBase
      extended by de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.renderer.AbstractTimeBarRenderer
All Implemented Interfaces:
TimeBarRenderer, TimeBarRenderer2
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class AbstractTimeBarRenderer
extends RendererBase
implements TimeBarRenderer, TimeBarRenderer2

Abstract base class for TimeBarRenderers.

$Id: 800 2008-12-27 22:27:33Z kliem $

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.renderer.RendererBase
_printer, _scaleX, _scaleY
Constructor Summary
AbstractTimeBarRenderer(org.eclipse.swt.printing.Printer printer)
          Construct the base for a printer.
Method Summary getPreferredDrawingBounds( intervalDrawingArea, TimeBarViewerDelegate delegate, interval, boolean selected, boolean printing, boolean overlap)
          Retrieve the preferred drawing bounds for a specific interval.
Methods inherited from class de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.renderer.RendererBase
drawFocus, getDefaultLineWidth, getPrinter, getScaleX, getScaleY, scaleX, scaleY
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.renderer.TimeBarRenderer
contains, createPrintrenderer, dispose, draw, getContainingRectangle, getToolTipText
Methods inherited from interface de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.renderer.TimeBarRenderer2
contains, createPrintrenderer, dispose, draw, getContainingRectangle, getToolTipText

Constructor Detail


public AbstractTimeBarRenderer(org.eclipse.swt.printing.Printer printer)
Construct the base for a printer.

printer - printer
Method Detail


public getPreferredDrawingBounds( intervalDrawingArea,
                                                                    TimeBarViewerDelegate delegate,
                                                                    boolean selected,
                                                                    boolean printing,
                                                                    boolean overlap)
Retrieve the preferred drawing bounds for a specific interval. Default implementation simply returns the intervalDrawingArea.

Specified by:
getPreferredDrawingBounds in interface TimeBarRenderer2
intervalDrawingArea - the rectangle to render the interval in.
delegate - the viewer delegate
interval - the interval to be rendered
selected - true if the interval is selected
printing - true if rendering is done for a prinetr
overlap - true if the interval is drawn as one of several intervals that overlap while beeing drawn.
the bounding rectangle that the renderer will paint in when rendering

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