Package de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.renderer

This package contains renderer interfaces and default implementations the SWT version of the TimeBarViewer.


Interface Summary
GlobalAssistantRenderer Interface describing a renderer that is called to do global rendering on the timebarviewer.
GridRenderer Renderer for drawing the background (grid) of the TimeBarViewer.
HeaderRenderer This interface describes a renderer used to render the header of a row.
HierarchyRenderer This interface describes a renderer used to render the hierarchy column.
IMiscRenderer Interface describing several rendering routines for the TimeBarViewer.
IRelationRenderer Interface describing the rendering part for relations between intervals.
TimeBarGapRenderer Interface describing a renderer for rendering in beetween two intervals.
TimeBarMarkerRenderer Interface for drawing markers in a timebar viewer.
TimeBarRenderer Renderer for rendering intervals in the time bar viewer.
TimeScaleRenderer Interface for a renderer rending the timescale (x axis).
TitleRenderer Interface for a renderer simply rendering the title area of the time bar viewer.

Class Summary
AbstractGridRenderer Abtsract base implementation pof a grid renderer holding the common used rendering methods.
AbstractTimeBarRenderer Abstract base class for TimeBarRenderers.
BoxTimeScaleRenderer Timescalerenderer rendering strips of boxes for different time intervals using DateIterator instances.
CombiningTimeScaleRenderer A TimeScaleRenderer that combines two other TimeScaleRenderers.
DateStripRenderer A simple TimeScaleRenderer that will always show the starting date.
DefaultGapRenderer Gap renderer rendering a double headed arrow and the time between the intervals.
DefaultGridRenderer Simple default grid renderer for the timebar viewer.
DefaultHeaderRenderer Simple default header renderer.
DefaultHierarchyRenderer Default implementation of a HierarchyRenderer.
DefaultMiscRenderer Default implementation of the IMiscRenderer for SWT.
DefaultRenderer DefaultRenderer for the TimeBarViewer widget.
DefaultTimeBarMarkerRenderer Simple default renderer for time bar markers.
DefaultTimeScaleRenderer A default timescale renderer rendering a readable scale for ranges from years to milliseconds.
DefaultTitleRenderer A default title renderer.
OldDefaultTimeScaleRenderer A default timescale renderer using the TickScaler to render a readable scale for use cases taht display something in the range of hours and more in the timebar viewer.
RelationRenderer Renderer rendering relations between intervals that implement the IRelationalInterval interface.
RendererBase Base implementation for renderer that support both screen and printer rendering.

Package de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.renderer Description

This package contains renderer interfaces and default implementations the SWT version of the TimeBarViewer.

Each renderer should support painting on the screen and painting to a printer device. The draw method indicates whether the actual drawing operation is trageted on a printer or to the screen. Preferable renderers for prniting are constructed by the ones set up for displaying the on screen viewer. However this is not necessary to support headless printing

The class RendererBase supplies some support in scaling for a printer.

The default implementations are of quite different quality.

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