changelog for de.jaret.util.ui.datechooser

08/16/2007 version 1.01

  • Included a fix for the position of the drop down on multi monitor systems. Thanks to Heiko.

11/03/2007 version 1.0

  • This is the 1.0 version of the datechooser package. There might be some things to do or to optimize, but the functionality is complete and will not be changed so much in the future.
  • The IDateChooserListeners has been extended by one method that will be called when the input becomes invalid (Sorry for any inconvenience! Just add an empty method ...).
  • The chooser panels now use the background color set on the chooser itself.
  • Some minor code cleanups.
  • Introduced the IAdditionalDayInformationProvider that can be used to supply information about days, causing bold rendering and supplying a tooltip text.
  • Colors of the chooser panel now configurable.
  • Fixed keyboard entering of time in the time chooser

07/18/2007 version 0.99

  • Added a simple time chooser component that can be wired with the date chooser
  • Small refactoring (introducing the prefix 'I' for marking interfaces) breaking backwards compatibility (can be fixed very fast)
  • Introduced DateChooserAdapter

06/05/2007 version 0.98

  • Added the display of the current date (click for setting the date to that date)
  • Fixed a resource leak
  • background color now settable

01/06/2007 version 0.97

  • Added mousewheel support (+Shift = months)

08/22/2006 version 0.961

  • Improved some of the javadocs
  • Changed build to SWT 3.2 (will most probably continue to work with 3.1)

05/03/2006 version 0.96

  • small bugix in handling DateChooser events

04/12/2006 version 0.95

  • corrected focus behaviour: the datechooser appears to focus listeners not to loose focus when dropping down. This is roughly tested on WindowsXP and MacOSX intel with 32M5a.
  • corrected layout: removed margins inroduced by gridLayout.

01/27/2006 version 0.94

  • added rolling in the date fileds (cursor up/down); needs an IFielIdentifier to be set.
  • improved textfiled like behaviour (cut/copy/paste)
  • updated build to maven2
  • changed focus behaviour seen by focus listeners on the datchooser combo.

10/03/2005 version 0.93

  • updated to SWT 3.1

06/13/2005 version 0.92a

  • changed license to CPL 1.0
  • Popup behaviour: corrects position if on the edge of the display
  • updated to SWT 3.1 RC1

05/07/2005 version 0.92

  • refactorings (jdk 1.5)
  • changed build process to maven

12/24/2004 version 0.90

  • first public release