The jaret datechooser is a classic drop down date chooser widget for use with the SWT toolkit.

NOTE: With the 3.3 release of SWT a datechooser is included in SWT. This might be your favorite choice unless you need some special features like marking of holidays or other days. There are also some datechooser components coming up in the eclipse nebula project (and of course there are some more available).

Features include:

  • selectable locale which is used for the determination of the first day of the week and the weekday/months abbreviations
  • display of the number of the week in the year (optional)
  • keyboard control (cursor keys navigate in the day panel, SHIFT-Cursor-left/right navigate month, ESC cancels, t sets the date to the current date), ctrl-space will open dropdown, RETURN selects
  • optional a HolidayEnumerator can be set for highlighting holidays and other special days in the day panel
  • optional an AdditionalDayInformationProvider can be used to render a day in bold and supplying a tooltip
  • rolling of field values in the input fields (if an appropriate adapter has been set)

In the package there is also a simple time chooser component that can be wired with the date chooser.


The package is licensed under the Common Public License 1.0 (CPL 1.0) (see LICENSE) allowing the usage in other free and commercial projects as long as the license is obeyed. If you are interested in a commercial license contact

Download / javadoc

There are several different packages available for download (please note that you need the jaretutils as well): JAR only. Contains the complete project. No binaries or generated documentation.

View the javadocs: here.


There are some screenshots available here.

Status and platforms

We think the datechhoser is near to production quality - as long as the supported features are serve the purposes of the application. However: This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The datechooser should run on every platform supporting Java 1.5 and SWT. The main testing of the SWT component was done on Win32. Some tests have been performed on Linux with the GTK+ version of SWT and Mac OS X 10.4.8/Intel. Due to the nature of the SWT toolkit it can not be guaranteed that the component will work on all platforms. Additional tests are planned; feedback is welcome.


This component is not free of bugs. Please report bugs to