changelog for de.jaret.util.ui.table

2010-12-xx version 0.86

  • Several small enhancements
  • New example: hierarchy2

2008-03-22 version 0.85

  • Default header renderer: improved settings
  • New example: month view (to be found in the timebars.addon package!)

11/03/2007 version 0.84

  • Reflected small change in the datechooser component
  • Corrected some bugs that got apparnet when adding/removing nodes in a hierarchical models that have children and are expanded.
  • Added a very simple DND routine to the TableHierarchicalModel (move only, drag on hierarchy tree; enable in the source code!).

18/07/2007 version 0.83

  • Still a snapshot version (but approaching a stable state)
  • Reflected small refactoring in the datechooser component

06/05/2007 version 0.82

  • Still a snapshot version (but approaching a stable state)
  • Fixed the scroll optimizations (hopefully). If you encounter artefacts while doing scroll operations, disable the optimizations. OptimizeScrolling now defaults to ENABLED.
  • Improved prpoerty observation to support synchronizing with a timebar viewer
  • Fixed a small bug when scrolling while displaying autofilter components (sometimes components remained visible)
  • Fixed the building of the jar: resources have no tbeen included (Thanks Dmytro!).

05/01/2007 version 0.81

  • Still a snapshot version (but approaching a stable state)
  • More Enhancements to the documentation, more code cleanup.
  • Included scroll optimizations: seems to work fine on windows but fails with Linux and OSX -> default disabled
  • New class IndexColumn for displaying a row header containing the index in the rowlist of the table.
  • Added convenience methods to the CellStyleProvider making it much easier to deal with styles (simply set colors on cells without handling the CellStyles itself). Also added the possibility to add a strategy for providing styles. This supports alternate coloring of the background or highlighting rows/columns depending on their respective contents.
  • New cell renderer using an ILabelProvider for text conversion
  • Moved the autofilter definition to be configurable. Now it is possible to implement custom autofilters (see the TableExmaple for two special implementations).
  • lots of small bugfixes and enhancements.
  • improved addon package

02/18/2007 version 0.80

  • Still a snapshot version (but approaching a stable state)
  • Enhancements to the documentation, code cleanup.

01/06/2007 version 0.73

  • Still a snapshot version
  • Small enhancements to editing (focus change after edit stop, tab moves focus right)
  • Some enhancements concerning thread safety (access from non gui threads)
  • PropCol now supports property paths for property access
  • Fixed little redraw bug that occurred when removing rows
  • New renderer: Object instance to image (i.e. for enum instances)
  • New renderer: Class to image (i.e. for lists of different object types)
  • Improved renderer/editor lookup to support interfaces and superclasses
  • Added the SimpleJaretTableModel: quick use of the jaret table possible with this model. Example is SimleModelExample

08/22/2006 version 0.72

  • Still a snapshot version
  • Worked on the selection (dragging, keyboard control) -- still not 100% perfect but near to excel
  • Added support for cut/copy/paste (implemented in a strategy)
  • Improved parts of the javadoc
  • Improved the example by adding a new fancy renderer/editor.
  • Added support for a fill drag (dragging a little box and use a strategy - default: copy - to fill cells; implementation pattern is a strategy)
  • Changed build to SWT 3.2 (will most probably continue to work with 3.1)

05/03/2006 version 0.71

  • Still a snapshot version
  • Added an editor using a combobox to select one of a list of objects
  • further improved handling of hierarchical models (keyboard control, rendering, selection)
  • introduced utils: ISelectionProvider adapter
  • refactored the standard actions out of the table (->util.actions)

04/12/2006 version 0.7

  • Still a snapshot version
  • First version that can be considered to be seriously used. However testing the application is highly recommended.
  • RowHeigth modes now fully supported: OPTIMAL will always set the row height to an optimal value, OPTANDVAR uses optimal height unless first manual change occurred, FIXED and VARIABLE are self explanatory.
  • Added support for different column resize modes.
  • Added a combox cell editor for enumerations, an integer editor using a spinner, a double editor and a smiley renderer (fun)
  • Revisited the hierarchical mode and enhanced it
  • Cleared some todos and bugs (read only cells)
  • Added extra package supporting saving of the viewstate in an IMemento
  • Did a quick test on MacOSX, see status

03/04/2006 version 0.61

  • Ongoing work. Version 0.61 is a snapshot only.
  • Cared for the cell editors and multi line rendering. See JavaDoc of the editors for details.

02/17/2006 version 0.6

  • Ongoing work. Version 0.6 is a snapshot only. Many changes; some documented here
  • Changed license from GPL to CPL
  • did a lot refactoring
  • RowFilter and RowSorter are now PropertyObservables (extend PropertyObservableBase when implementing or for inner classes extend AbstractRow*).

10/21/2005 version 0.5

  • Ongoing work. Still unstable. And: too many changes to document.

10/03/2005 version 0.4

  • Initial publication.