The jaret table is a custom drawn table for the SWT gui toolkit. The native tables available in swt do lack some functionality and flexibility.

NOTE: The SWT team added support for custom drawing, multiline text to the native SWT table. This might solve a lot of the most common problems. See the documentation of the SWT table!.

NOTE:If you are interested in alternative tables for SWT be sure to check KTable. KTable is a another custom drawn table for SWT (EPL) that is out there for some time. The jaret table has been developed due two several reasons. Those include separation of data model and viewstate and support for different row heights. Also look for the nebula project which includes the nebula grid and the component table that allow for flexible visualizations.

However, do consider using the native table supplied by SWT. This is the strength of SWT and your application will be conforming to the platform look and feel. If you use a custom drawn widget it is up to you ...

If you like you can comment and rate the jaret table at Eclipse Plugin Central.

Features include:

  • Split model (data and viewstate).
  • Renderers and editors (including print rendering)
  • Different row heights and column widths (draggable)
  • fixed rows and columns (row header)
  • simple drag fill (like excel)
  • default cut/copy/paste works against excel
  • integrated filtering (autofilter-style, customizable) and sorting (does not sort the model)
  • support for a hierarchical model (table tree)
  • addons supporting saving the viewstate in an IMemento (and in future some other RCP related utilities)


The geexel plugin can be seen as test code for the jaret table (very outdated JaretTable version).


The package is licensed under the Common Public License 1.0 (CPL) (see LICENSE) allowing the usage in other projects. It can optionally be used under th GPL for compatability with GPLed projects. If you are interested in a commercial license contact

Download / javadoc

There are several different packages available for download (please note that you need the jaretutils as well): Contains the complete project. Including some examples. Recommeded download. Depends on jaret.util package and the jaret datechooser (this is only needed for the date cell editor and the dependency can be removed easily). Contains ready built jar.
jarettable.addon page Contains addons for the jaret table.

View the javadoc here.


There are some screenshots available here.

Status and platforms

The jaret table is in early beta stage! However: This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The jaret table should run on every platform supporting Java 1.5 and SWT. The main testing of the SWT component was done on Win32. Some tests have been performed on Linux with the GTK+ version of SWT. Due to the nature of the SWT toolkit it can not be guaranteed that the component will work on all platforms. Additional tests are planned; feedback is welcome.


This component is not free of bugs. Please report bugs to