The jaret datechooser and the jaret utilities are free under the CPL (see CPL). You can use those two in commercial projects as long as you follow the CPL.

The jaret timebars are dual licensed: they are free under the GPL (see LICENSE) thus allowing the usage in free projects (see GPL FAQ). For commercial use you can obtain a full unlimited source code license. The license covers use in an unlimited number of projects or products with no obligation to publish any source code or changes. It disallows selling the components as components or parts of components or as part of a component library.

Licenses can only be obtained by M.Thyssen Softwareentwicklung, Aachen. Contact for details and orders.


jaret timebars (complete including swing and swt version and the jaret utilities) EUR 4000,00 + VAT (16%)
jaret table Not yet stable enough. If you're intereste anyway contact
jaret datechooser (including jaret utilities) It's CPL. If you are intereste in a commercial source code license contact