Jaret timebars 1.48 API

de.jaret.util.ui.timebars This package contains a suite of classes and interfaces to define and display a model of intervals over a discrete set of rows.
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.mod This package contains an interface for deciding about interval modifications.
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.model This package contains the model classes for the TimeBarViewer (in both versions: swing and swt).
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.strategy This package contains the definition of an interface for externalizing the strategy used to calculate overlap information and a default implementation that does a complete overlap check as seen in earlier versions of the time bar viewer.
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing This package contains the swing version of the TimeBarViewer.
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swing.renderer This package contains interface and default implementations of different renderers for the swing version of the TimeBarViewer.
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt This package contains the SWT version of the TimeBarViewer.
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.renderer This package contains renderer interfaces and default implementations the SWT version of the TimeBarViewer.
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.util This package contains utilities for the timebar viewer component.
de.jaret.util.ui.timebars.swt.util.actions This package contains actions that can be used with the timebar viewer.


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