Commercial use of the jaret timebars

The package is dual licensed under the GNU Public License and a commercial license that can be purchased (see LICENSE you will find the commercial license after the GPL).

The commercial license is basically a full source code license that allows inclusion in commercial projects without any royalties or limitations on the number of developers. The license allows modifications to the source without any obligations and it allows delivering the source code to customers.

Pricing and ordering

The price for the commercial license is EUR 3500.- (excluding VAT)

If you want to purchase a license you can place the order at: (Please prepend the subject with "[jaret]").

Please use the contact for questions regarding payment and required ordering information (these vary by country; absolutely needed are the billing address and the legal entity or individual that the component should be licensed to).


We recommend that you do a thorough evaluation before you purchase a license. If you have any questions during your evaluation phase please contact us at (please prepend the subject with "[jaret]").

If you miss a feature that is critical for your application and might be an overall improvement for the component please contact us. Chances are that it is possible to just include it in the next version.